I have an all black cat with a very sleek coat. I brush him regularly, and when I...
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Breed Quiz
Okay, so this one probably belongs on the rpd.breeds, but I thought y'all might enjoy...
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I decided to get one of these things because the dog hair is driving me insane. We...
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Update On Jack's Swallowed Toy
About 15 minutes ago, I stepped away from the Monday Night Football game (which the...
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Dogs At Work
() It's January here in upstate NY, which means the dogs are outside and working...
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Cat Playing With It's Back Foot
Hi, We have a semi-longhair Maine Coon, which we found as a stray (about 3 years...
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Cat Associations
What occurs to you when you suddenly hear the word "cat"? The very first thought...
Bailey, Any Guesses?
Bailey is my in-law's new dog. She's pretty cute, and really friendly. The shelter...
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Serial Killer
I have a confession to make. My dog is a serial killer. And absolutely no remorse...
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How To Tell...
if your dog is a Chow mix. 1. It has black spots on its tongue. 2. It has a rough...
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How To "Inspect" Frogs
I have read some on this group that it is a good idea to inspect my Cuban Tree Frog...
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Little Ball Of Fur
Nothing too special about this video, just a playing kitten. But it was too cute...
Do You Have Problems Trimming Your Cat...
Hey all! Because of an unbelievably hot weather we've been having for over 4 weeks...
Gray Cats Turn Gray?
Persia was probably 3 years old when she adopted me. The vet guessed, based on looking...
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Cats Outside At Night
Are cat's coats thick enough to keep them warm outside at night (temperature in the...
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The Heat And How To Protect My Cats?
I was just curious if any one knows the best way to cool off a pet cat? She has a...
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Is This Correct?
Hi Group. We've been told that when a cat has a litter of kittens and they all come...
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Cat Colors
what is your favorite kind of cat (coat color)? my sister lovessss tuxedo cats ...
Shedding Question
Ok, so the house is almost done and ready for the market. It's now coming fast into...
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Poll: What Is Your Cat's Coat Type?
Is your cat short or long haired? Other?