Hi all, Could I please have your views on the castration of dogs, both for and against...
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Docking My Rotti's Tail, Yes Or No, She...
i have so many people tell me that she's not a "true" rottweiler if i let her keep...
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For this week only, You can come forward, if you have mental problems, disorders...
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Well I paid the vet a visit this morning. Let me tell you he was suprised to see...
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Suggestions On X-Mas Gift For My Vet
Any suggestions on a good x-mas gift for my Vet. All I can come up with is a nice...
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FDA To Rethink Animal Feed Rule Due To...
WASHINGTON, Dec 24 (Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration may tighten its ban...
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Memorializing Pets
Common practice, I'm led to understand, is for a deceased pet to be cremated and...
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Im Sick Of The Bitching And Ive Only Been...
this is a place where it seems the norm for bitching and slating one another. ive...
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Vomiting Cat
My cat, Charley, is 6 months old, energetic, and by all accounts healthy. However...
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Ball Python Regurgitated First Meal
Our 2-3 week old BP regurgited it's first feeding. We fed him a frozen/thawed, somewhere...
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Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Book ...
Just an FYI - I purchased the SACN, 4th edition recently for some research. A few...
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Claw Clipping
I was just wondering what your opinion is on the best tool to clip a cat's claws...
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Vet Question
I've had my first budgie since October 2003. I took him for his first check up within...
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I Have A New Bird
My old friend is trying to cut down a bit to lessen the work he does. He gets ill...
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Bella And The Boo-Boo
Bella has a fat (lower - side) lip. We don't know what the cause is but the treatment...
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One Person. One Cat. Clipping Tips?
This cat, unlike other's I've had, is "extremely uncooperative" when it comes to...
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Dog Chewing He Paw Raw.
My mixed Lab - Rotweiller chews her paw occassionallyuntil it's raw and swollen....
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Diabetic Cat
Our cat Sam (large, neutered male, about 7 years of age) has recently been diagnosed...
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Interesting Website On Dog Age
I was watching the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge this evening and one of the competitors...
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Political Incorrectness And Dog Names
I'm interested in people's opinions of naming a dog "Brown Sugar" after the Rolling...
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