Ok, I own an amazon. I've read the 'too literature. How crazy would I be to adopt...
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we have just been told that our 9year old tasha might have diabetes. I took a urine...
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Am I Nuts Or Are Dogs..
getting smarter? Am I crazy or are dogs getting smarter? I have a dog who I swear...
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Does Anyone Do Fecals ?
A friend has started doing fecals on her reptiles using some book and a microscope...
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Help With My Parakeet's Feet Please
Could anyone give me some advice on what I should do or what this is. My parakeet...
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Wow, I just went to my first PetSmart store today..What a difference they had a Vet...
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Veiled Chameleon
Hello, I'm new to these groups so please help me out! I just got a veiled about...
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Have A Male Cat With
Have a male cat with the wet form of FIP. In the early to mid stages. Everything...
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Budgie Stroke?
Hi, First off, we don't have an avian vet in my area (St John's, NL, Canada) and...
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Yellow Bellied Slider Not Basking Much...
I have a question... I have two YBS, one of them basks a lot but the other one hardly...
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Administering Medication IV
Hi Guys, Before you flame me.. the Vet's here are totally useless and refuse to see...
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FS: James Herriot "Every Living Thing...
James Herriot "Every Living Thing" 1st Edition Hardcover Book I have for sale 1st...
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