Question About Dog Names- Kinda A Poll
I am surprised to find a rather large array of dog names in this group. I was just...
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Question About A Dog Name
Zoe and I were out walking the other day and met up with a Dachsund puppy whom we...
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Photos Of My Malinois
hi all, hope this isnt o/t just thought id share some nice pics of my belgians with...
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How Did You Name Your Cat(S)?
Just curious. Names are funny things. I know people ponder long and hard about what...
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Canned Food
Any recommendations for canned cat food? I've fed her Fancy Feast for many years...
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Help Us Find A Name For This Cat!
Rezifound this cat on the streets and has taken him home, isn't he gorgeous!?...
Naming - My Turn (Freeway)
I can't imagine ILPing Freeway as anything and I've never done the naming thing before...
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Help Me Name My New Birds
I have two new Zebra Finches - both male and we are having a hard time deciding on...
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Who's Your Daddy?
Just made a horrible discovery my dogs don't know my name! Several shelter dogs do...
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Taxinomy Test
I had an idea come to me. We have a great number of people on here with a great deal...
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Speaking Of Photos
I got some of Tuck and Diddy, whom I went to meet today. Tuck is a very handsome...
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Photo Competition! - Cutest Sleeping Position
Hi all! It's not a secret that pets often make us smile. Even if they sleep. If...
Adopting A Dog And Want To Change Name
So i am adopting a dog and the dogs name is Bama, i dont like this name and want...
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I Shouldn't Have...
...looked when I saw the link. [link]= Chuck...the name would have to go... Shelly...
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Help Needed
so as many of you know i seem to be getting new pets every couple of weeks and yesterday...
Well Heidi is going to her new home tomorrow night and I am getting another 4 kittens...
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Iguana Needs A Good Home
Hello i have a 3 year old green iguana.I raised him from a baby his name is sam,he...
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April 23, One Year Ago
One year ago, my baby boys were born nine weeks early, one month after I was put...
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Educational Style Posters
Anyone interested? I made one tonight: and will be making more later this week....
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I Need To Track Down He Whose Name Cannot...
To avoid ending up in every ones killfile I am unable to mention the name of the...
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