Adventures With Petfinder (Uh Oh)
DH seems to be coming around to the idea of a second dog, so of course I'm torturing...
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Food Suggestion
I would post this in health, but I have seen threads like this go very bad, very...
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Eukanuba Or Hill's Science Diet
Hi All Which is better Eukanuba or Hill's Science Diet ? Which do you think is better...
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Doggie Sleeps On MY Pillow!
My 9 week old puppy sleeps with me and insists on sleeping on my pillow! I have...
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Ping! Montana
my daughter respectfully requested that I ask you for more photos of the puppies...
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I Met The Puppies Today
They were VERY outgoing, and adorable, and the puppy breath was intoxicating.. I...
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Puppies - Day 29
The puppies finally got a new space to hang out in and some new things to play with...
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Im Sick Of The Bitching And Ive Only Been...
this is a place where it seems the norm for bitching and slating one another. ive...
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Dog Pooping In Garage
My family got a lab/german sheppard puppy for Christmas, it is a great dog. 9 weeks...
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What Is Your Pets Names?
Hi i am getting a new puppy in a few weeks (they are due to be born on friday) and...
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Dog Farting After Eating Bananas
Hi all My 8 month old (labradoodle) puppy Eddie loves to eat fruit so I always given...
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Springer Pups Just Arrived Help!!
Hi all,Im new to this group and not too sure if it's where Im supposed to be :-/...
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Question About A Dog Name
Zoe and I were out walking the other day and met up with a Dachsund puppy whom we...
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Hyper Puppy - Normal?
I just got a puppy - she is now 9 weeks old and likes to nip and chase my pant legs...
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Dog Training Questions. Annoying Dependant...
Hi everyone, I have two questions for ye. First, my fiance's dog (a dachsund mix...
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Why Does My Puppy Act Like This?
Everytime I go to bed, she barks at me Seems she hates that I stay in bed. But...
Border Collies
Hi I'm Diana in Austin Tx. I bought 2 Border Collies last week. They are 8 weeks...
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High Prices For Puppies Without Papers...
In my search for a Maltese puppy over the last 6 months, I have found that many of...
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Interesting Website On Dog Age
I was watching the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge this evening and one of the competitors...
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Labrador Puppies
I am thinking of buying a labrador puppy but have 2 children,can anyone tell me if...
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