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Tominparis is mutual with Sammy Lyn.
My heart is heavy as I post this, but looks like this story is going to have a good ending. I saw this video in the news a few hours ago. It shows a dog sticking by the side of another dog that has apparently been injured in the disaster. The dog ...
  Unfortunately, using compassion is scammer's best weapon and no doubt they making very good money at the nmoment...I have already received a couple of scams (probably nigerian scam) for donations.
Be careful.
Anonymous  I believe that if the dogs were rescued, that they would have taken a video of the rescue. I fear that they were never rescued. Where are the pictures? You can take pictures without reveleing where you took the dogs for care. We the public ...
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Cleric Says Dogs "Unclean" - Not to be Kept...

A senior Iranian cleric has decreed dogs are "unclean" and should not be kept as pets -- a move aimed at discouraging Western-style dog ownership in the Islamic state, a newspaper reported on Saturday. Dogs are considered "unclean" ...
 I doubt all Muslims think this way
 Kinda sad actually.
 I ban cleric from human society.
Have you ever wondered what life in the dead zone is like, today? Amazingly, there are no mutated species, and the wildlife seems quite comfortable reclaiming the abandoned villages and other territories. The nature feels good without humans, ...
  Anything good can come out of sorrow and disaster...Prypiat and Tchernobyl are still irradiated and banned to human settlement, but this gave us a good teaching and it turned out to be an animal haven...Tchernobyl was a complete human mistake : ...

I don't believe that animals there...
Droopy, you can't really justify this statement. Radiation is actually a very natural thing. Many animals are not really affected by elevated levels of radiation. Just because humans can't tolerate it, doesn't mean others can't as well. I ...
Anonymous I am also a foreigner and yet I am very interested in everything that has to do with Chernobyl, Pripyat and I really want to visit it someday. Surely I am a bit concerned about possible health issues as any reasonable person would be, but for what ...
commented on their own post.
Just a thought to all our friends in Japan who are currently suffering and have lost friends and relatives. Number of missing persons (dead/drown/disseapeared) has risen up to 10 000. I will be in Moscow next week and should be in Tokyo in 15, ...
  Thanks for the update on all the Japanese kitties! Be safe on your trip.
 I'm glad to know about Maru! It's really so sad to see what's going on in Japan now. Emotion: sad My prayers are with Japanese people and everyone who have been affected.
What city are your friends from? Have you managed to get in touch with them so far?
  Helllo Lauren, thank you for your concern. Most of my friends live around Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki.Still, i know people who live further in the north, like Fukushima and no news so far...situation is getting worse every hour while i'm watching ...
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I am a cat lover since i was a child. I currently have a cute russian blue flea bag named Pistache. I will soon have another baby abandonned by heartless people:(


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