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    Hello everyone! I'm Sarah - 33 y.o. originally from Milano, Italy but I've been living, working and studying in London, UK since 2002. I'm the proud owner of Louisa and Rebecca, A.K.A. Becky and LouLou. They are my two one-year-old cats, and they both recently gave birth to 9 kittens in total. Becky is now spayed and LouLou will be very soon. I am just re-homing her kittens these days and there are two left still to go. I will book her appointment with the vet tomorrow. Other than that, I am a computer science with artificial intelligence student at City University, and I work part-time as web developer and content manager for an educational publisher. It is so sad to see the kittens go. both Becky and LouLou will receive extra TLC these days, as they are somehow confused and looking for the 'missing babies'...
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