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So what do you think the cows were thinking about? Emotion: giggle [video]
 haha, funny, cows are gazing at him. haha I think they may think like this" oh, human, what are you doing with that thing? noisy and tired for you and me. " hehe, just kidding. For this, we have a saying in Myanmar. " ကြ်ဲ ပါး ေစာင္းတီး " ( I ...
 In fact it would be nice if you could translate it because I can't even see the characters lol.
By the way, who knows, maybe they're enjoying the music because in my opinion it sounds a bit like a cow's "moooo". Emotion: big smile
 oh they look so focused! do they really enjoy it?? fantastic! ^_^
replied to 's post.
This is how your wallpapers get ruined. Emotion: big smile [video]
 hihi kittens are so funny! nothing can stop them from playing =^_^=
 Oh my god! Amazing! ahha, pussys are very cute and playful. My pussy usually climbs up on the trees too. They are so cute. I love them. But, the cat in this video is amazing. I can't believe that. hahaha
I just love his facial expressions! [video]
 those eyes are charming! you'll forgive him anything ^_^
 Emotion: big smile , he is a very cute and intelligent dog. I can't believe his eyes look so meaningful. [hahaha] It seems he understands his master's words. Hahha. That's amazing.
Chipay is mutual with meercata.
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Hello, Animal lovers! It's so nice to meet you all. Let me introduce myself and my cat. :D I'm gugu from Myanmar. My cat's name is Chipay. He is 1 year old now. At first, I had many cats but now they all are dead, only one cat left. ;) I wanna have a puppy if I have a chance. I love cats and dogs a lot.


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