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      Hi! thanks for taking your time to read my post. My name is Armando Quinones father of four beautiful children, a beautiful caring wife and my 10 dogs. I lived in New Jersey since 1989 and have recently moved to Colombia, South America, to accomplish my dream: ¨GETTING DOGS OUT OF THE STREETS¨ I am in the process of renting a big farm just right outside capital city, Bogota, and building my website. My goal is to pick as many dogs as I may afford from the streets of Bogota and take them to this big farm. I want to feed them good quality food because this dogs are used to eating from the garbage bags in the street so their skin and hair are in devastating conditions. I also want to have a vet to check them all out as I bring them and give them the proper procedures to make them better. I want to get all cleaning assesories, their cages with beds and built a playground for them. I will be posting pictures everyday for everyone around the world to see how with everyone's help I can transform a street dog into a healthy wanted dog which will be available for adoption world wide. I dream of a beautiful and better life for this animals, what can I tell you? I am a dog lover and this love is what moves me to help as many dogs as I may in the entire earth as long as I live. Like I said before I am just arriving to Bogota and starting this, right now I am in search of a big farm just right outside the city and building a free website for now, since my budget pretty low for this dream to come true but I have faith in those who love dogs like I do and everyone else is welcome to help me out to make it happen!!! Please send all donations to: ACH Direct Deposit:(mostly localy within USA) Armando Quinones, Palm Desert National Bank, Account No: 07113800050196946, or for International Bank Wire Instructions: Palm Desert National Bank, California, Beneficiary Account Name: TFG Card Solutions INC. Founding Account. Beneficiary Account Number: 1093207 Memo: Armando Quinones. Another way to donate is through paypal: (email removed) Thank you all for your help and support in making this dream come true! With Love, Armando Quinones 201-490-3758 (USA Landline) 01157 1-475-3788 (COL Landline) 01157-304-415-8478 (COL Cellphone) (email removed) (email removed) (email removed) Facebook: Armando Quinones / (email removed)
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