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Anonymous commented on 's photo 'cherryl Pictures P9240018'
cherryl Pictures P9240018
Barley aged 7 months
 Nice to meet you, Barley! Emotion: smile) Handsome dark stripes you've got!
Anonymous  Oh, so this is Barley! I see the fringes in the curtain makes a good cuddle-buddy.. ;o)
Anonymous replied to 's post.
Hello All Emotion: smile I am a newbe so please forgive me if I am posting this question in the wrong place . My 7 month old kitten "Barley" loves the stalks from grapes to play with and he chews at them too .I have just read that grapes are bad for cats kidneys, ...
 Ok I will try again as their pictures didn't load lol
 Please don't give bamboo either! I'm serious!!! I just did a segment on this in one of my newsletters.
Lucky bamboo is toxic to cats when chewed or eaten. Also known as dragon tree or Dracaena sanderiana, lucky bamboo belongs to a family of toxic ...
Anonymous Thank you for the information. Very helpful.
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