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Anonymous replied to 's question.
hi all as far as I know savannah cats carry genes of wild cats. does it mean keeping them as pets is dangerous in a way? especially for a family with infants?
Yes, Savannah cats do have wild blood but it's reported they do not generally exhibit wild behavior. Keeping a pet if you have infants can be somewhat dangerous regardless of the pet's breed. Example . I don't mean to scare you off but please do ...
 They are not dangerous at all they are very sweet cats and they have a lot of dog traits! But, I would not suggest getting one before you know EVERYTHING about them, you know you can get one when you have done all your reasearch and can answer ...
Anonymous think of it like this any kitten and infant has trouble in it from hurting the child to the kitten children tend to play rougher then a kid that knows what to do with an animal. savannahs are amazing cats they can jump as high as on top of a ...
replied to an anonymous question.
can cockroaches carry contagious infections dangerous to cats? our cat will always try to play with a cockroach if he sees one. doesn't happen often but i'm still worried.
 so far i've never heard about a cat getting an infection from a cockroach! think about this: cats chase mice and rats and those can carry way more dangerous stuff than cockroaches. not to mention the rodents can bite a cat.
replied to an anonymous question.
Which is better to feed my kitten?
 I agree and the most important thing to start with is to feed a quality, high protein, low carb, grain free wet food. There are some great brands out there, start your kitties off right as early as possible. My cats have never eaten anything but ...
 i stopped giving my cat those ages ago. they are full of crap. it's a shame the manufacturers push them through so hard. not that we should expect something else in this rich men's world.
 Please do NOT feed your kitten any of the commercial pet foods. Read my post here:
asked a question.
hello yesterday my cat came home hobbling. he drags his back leg and won't let me touch him. he's been sleeping all night and today he looks a bit better but still won't let me examine his paw. any ideas how i can do that without causing more ...


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