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replied to an anonymous post.
I know dogs do that to show affection but what does it mean if a cat likes to lick my hands??
Anonymous I was sure cats lick people to show their affection like dogs!
 It can be so but cats are overall much less inclined to lick people out of affection than dogs.
Anonymous  I think all of you are right. They are doing it for both reasons. To show affection and to make you smell like you usually do
replied to an anonymous question.
Can I give my dog dried fruit as a treat?
  Occasionally, in small amounts. They can get an upset belly if they eat too much!
 Dried fruit is usually sugary, and anything sugary in large amounts isn't very healthy for either animals or people.
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replied to an anonymous post.
Do hairless cats like Sphynx get fleas or not? It would be really cool if they don't but I'm not sure.
 Yes. Hair gives them protection and warmth.
 Apart from anything else, it's much easier to spot a flea on a hairless cat and to get rid of it.
Anonymous yep
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