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 Hi I am new here and I'm glad I've found this place! My cat Olivia has a few behavior issues and I hope you'll help us solve them. Emotion: smile
Pets: 1 Favourite animal: Those furry ones with four legs Looking for: Networking
  Hi Maestro my cat has a few behavior problems too that I think were caused by a psychological trauma. I hope we can solve them.
  what kind of problems do they have maybe i can tell you what is wrong
  Hi prissy, thanks! My problem was that my cat didn't want to leave my friend's house, I posted about it here http://mysmelly.com/Archive/MyDoesntLeaveFriendsHouse/cjxcm/post.htm She's doing better now.
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Isaac's new favorite place to relax
  He's smiling!
 Emotion: star Congratulations on becoming our new Pet of the Week! Emotion: star
  what breed is he? border collie?
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