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  One day to memorize all lines from 12th night.
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How Can I Understand My Cat?

Cats don't speak English and other human languages, but they use a language that people from any country can understand. It's the body language. You may have noticed that your cat has different facial expressions depending on its ...
 I've lived with cats since I was born, minus the last three years since I've moved to Oslo to get a master's degree in architecture.. so that's 20 years I suppose!
My girlfriend and I moved together recently, and she lived with three friends and a ...
 Nice... I better read this article. I've never really understood their behavior and body language, which sometimes makes grown up cats a little bit "scary" to me.
 You have to understand cats to really love them! They sit, showing their tail side to tell you to come to them, they like it when you pet them, some bite you, but only to tell you they want more petting!
  Hey this is Lina!! I have a yorkie, rat terrier, and two cats.
Looking for: A relationship, Networking
 Hey Lina, welcome to MySmelly! Could we see more pics of your pets? Emotion: happy
  Hello, Lina! Nice to have you with us!
  Welcome Lina!
How do your cats get along with your dogs? Emotion: smile
This is too sweet, say cheeze! [video]
 Say cheese!! I can't believe you taught a dog how to smile on command!Emotion: big smile
 Haha incredible! And the smile doesn't look scary or anything like that at all. Emotion: big smile
 soooooo cute!!! I wish my Dex would smile like that very awesome xoxoxEmotion: big smile
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About me

Hey this is Lina!! I have a yorkie, rat terrier, and two cats.

Hey its lina!


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